Help us purchase critical supplies and ship to affected areas. 


We need financing and transportation resources for our growing

logistical operations. Contact us: sunsetparkrelief@gmail.com ​

Contact: sunsetparkrelief@gmail.com 
(Include available days/times and your specific skills)​​


For a detailed and updated inventory list, visit Sunset Park Relief.​​​​

(note: we cannot accept any clothing at this time.)

Agua y Luz:

6 Months After Maria 

Fundraiser to support organizations working on the ground in Puerto Rico.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

10 pm

S.O.B.’s - 204 Varick Street, NY

with Adrián Viajero Román, WHY NOT CARE, High Water Music and SOB's.

A coalition of local groups are coordinating relief efforts in Sunset Park to help the people  in Mexico, Puerto Rico & the Caribbean.


From the very beginning of the natural disasters in Mexico and Puerto Rico, El Grito joined in a coalition of community groups and reached out to New Yorkers for donations and volunteers. SUNSET PARK RELIEF is undertaking an enormous effort to deliver goods to people in the most vulnerable, isolated areas.  Visit Sunset Park Relief.