For over two decades every summer, an informal parade along Fifth Avenue in Sunset Park has celebrated Puerto Rican culture and people.  In 2015, El Grito became the official host and organizer for the parade and community celebration.

2016 Parade Highlights

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who came out for the Parade and Festival. What an amazing day! Let's carry this incredible energy forward as we continue to honor our many cultures and traditions. Love and respect to all!

Parade History

Watch the history of the struggle to reclaim the Sunset Park Puerto Rican Parade -- after years of police harassment -- and create a celebration for everyone in our community.  In 2015, El Grito won a permit and the right to organize the parade -- which began a new era of pride and celebration without the violence and heavy hand of police.

3rd Annual Sunset Park Puerto Rican Parade & Festival 

On June 11th 2017, our parade was fully dedicated in solidarity with the people of Puerto Rico in the midst of the crisis -- and for those on the front lines of the struggle fighting for the civil and human rights of the people of Puerto Rico.