Participatory Defense Initiative

Free legal clinic and information sharing  

El Grito coordinates workshops on cop watching, know your rights, immigration, and legal and court interacations to protect yourself when engaging with the police and the legal system.

​​​​​Navigating through the legal system can be overwhelming and confusing. In order to keep you safe and aware of your rights, El Grito hosts workshops to improve your knowledge and skills when interacting with the courts.

In partnership with local legal aid groups, El Grito de Sunset Park offers anyone navigating through the criminal courts a safe space to better understand the system. 
One person's experience through the legal system is a struggle for the whole family.

By learning from people who have been through it before, we as a community will have a better understanding of the law and improve our ability to navigate through the criminal court system. In these workshops you will learn how to:

-Effectively build a case
-Research and conduct proper investigations
-Collect evidence
-Create a support network


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